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Stewart Aitchison

Stewart Stewart Aitchison is a zoologist and geologist by training and a naturalist by passion. He has been exploring, photographing, teaching, and writing about the Colorado Plateau for more than forty years, ten of those as a field biologist for the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Besides leading trips for Grand Canyon Field Institute, he also escorts educational excursions for National Audubon Society, Smithsonian, Lindblad Expeditions, National Geographic Expeditions, Elderhostel, and other educational groups across the globe.

Some of his latest publications include: Grand Canyon’s North Rim and Beyond, Grand Canyon: Window of Time, A Traveler’s Guide to Monument Valley, A Guide to Southern Utah’s Hole-in-the-Rock Trail, and The Desert Islands of the Sea of Cortés. A complete list of his books can be found at Stewart’s homepage.

When not out in the field, Stewart lives in Flagstaff with wife Ann or can be found working on a straw bale building project in Bluff, Utah.

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